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Premium Broking

Higher limits and Personalised Services

Premium Broking Services

Sometimes the market is so good that we end up making bad decisions in the market. These traders generally require personalised services as well as increased guidance on placing trades.

The premium brokerage plan is a great way to start out with trading. We offer low commission rates, which are negotiable and can be set based on your requirements.

If you are new to the stock market, this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about it and make some productivity while learning.

For such traders, we have our premium services where for a marginally additional brokerage, you enjoy the above services plus unlimited free call & trade facility. 

The brokerage rates under the premium plan are higher than our discount plan, however, they are still just a fraction of what traditional brokers charge so you still get to save your money with us.

We are the FIRST & ONLY brokers in India offering free, easy, and unlimited switching between Discount Broking and Premium Broking Plans within a single day. 

The premium brokerage plan is a great way to increase your returns on investments and get into more sophisticated, advanced trading strategies. 

You will also enjoy increased access to our personalised relationship managers who will help you get started as well as provide insights about our services and how they can benefit you in the future.

We have a team of professional traders who work around the clock to provide personalised services at affordable prices so you can make money without spending too much time or effort on it!



Premium Broking

Discount broking

TradingBells Discount Broking Services

Discount Broking is our primary product and what we specialise in. We believe that technology has enabled us traders so much that we do not need the hand holding of the traditional brokers who in turn charge very hefty brokerage.

Today transactions are executed online in the blink of an eye, and the prices are absolutely transparent and visible to all. 

Hence there is no need to depend on a broker or dealer to call us and guide us on how to trade. 

For such self-sufficient traders and investors, discount broking is a boon as they can trade by themselves at a discounted rate of only Rs. 20 per executed order across all trading products.


Discount Broker Vs Full-service Broker In India

The term discount broker is used to describe a broker who offers services at a lower fee than the average full service broker. 

Discount brokers offer far less than full service brokers, which is the main distinction between the two types of brokers. They may also offer specific services, such as researching stocks and bonds or making sure that you have access to certain types of investments. Unlike full-service brokers, discount brokers do not always require you to pay for their services upfront. 

In many cases, people will choose one of these two types of brokers because they believe it will get them better returns on their investments.


Discount broking

IPOs & IPO Funding

Initial Public Offerings


An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the process by which a company lists its shares on the stock exchange. An IPO essentially signifies that a company's ownership is changing from private to public. Because of this, the IPO procedure is occasionally referred to as "going public."

To participate in an IPO process, a company must first prepare a prospectus, which details its financial position and plans for the future. The prospectus is reviewed by an independent accounting firm before it becomes publicly available. 

After this review period has passed, investors can buy company stock directly from the issuing company or through an investment bank that has been hired by that company to sell shares of stock directly to investors.


Invest in IPOs - TradingBells 

For a customer, investing in an IPO should be done after careful consideration of the strengths and challenges that the company and its industry face, based on any publicly available information at the time of investment.

Investing in IPOs is a great way to make money. However, it can be difficult to find good information about upcoming IPOs, especially since there are many companies that go public and not all of them have their own websites or blogs.

We created this service for investors who want to invest in upcoming IPOs and own shares of companies that are about to go public.


At TradingBells you will be able to invest in upcoming IPOs through our platform. As a TradingBells client, we will keep you updated on upcoming IPOs and our own research recommendations on whether to subscribe or not. Thus you will never miss the opportunity to grow your investment income.



IPOs & IPO Funding

Research Services

Short & Long Term Research Assistance

Research Services

TradingBells is a leading online stock investments and trading platform that provides a wide range of services to individual investors and traders. 

Our research and trading platform helps you trade with confidence by providing the best investment opportunities in the market.

Everyone enters the stock markets with the hope to earn some profits. However, not everyone has the right skill or time to execute trades backed by proper research and trends. 

This is where TradingBells, acts as your Stock Broker by assisting you in your investment decisions. Our highly qualified and experienced research team provides daily calls to our clients for intraday trading as well as long-term investments.

We offer an array of trading products including short term options, stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and more. We also provide our clients with real-time analysis on the current market trends so that they can make informed decisions about their investments.

As a client of TradingBells, you may subscribe to these services free of cost by just joining our Telegram Channel

We help you with:

  • Providing you with the best possible investment opportunities.

  • Providing you with a robust research and analysis facility which helps in making  better decisions.

  • Allowing you to keep track of your portfolio on a daily basis.

Research Services

NRI Investing

Documents and Other Details

NRI Investing

NRI investing is a viable option for NRIs. It is also a great way to invest in the stock market and earn wealth in the long term.

NRIs are welcome to open accounts with TradingBells. As an NRI customer, you need to have an NRE or an NRO account with a bank in India before you can start investing. Note that if you wish to trade in the Derivative segment you will need an NRO account.

If the NRI is not in India at the time of account opening, all photocopies of the KYC documents/proofs and PAN card will have to be attested by the Indian Embassy / Consulate General / Notary Public / Any Court /Magistrate / Judge / Local Banker in the country where the NRI resides.

However, if the person is in India at the time of account opening, these documents can be self-attested. The NRI will have to provide proof of his being in India by submitting a photocopy of the passport page showing the stamp by the immigration authorities at the time of his arrival in India.

As an NRI, one may be thinking of the best investment in India.

Have you thought about the best brokerage to help you? In TradingBells, with expanded knowledge and years of professional experience, you will not find a better way to issue your funds. 

Whether you want to know about the stocks for options trading or wish to open a Demat account, TradingBells is the place to go.



NRI Investing

Buy Now Pay Later

customers pay in instalments over time

Buy Now Pay Later

When you place a BNPL order, you invest a fraction of the stock’s total purchase value and the stockbroker lends the remaining amount at a nominal interest rate to be repaid later.

BNPL is an attractive investment opportunity because it offers flexibility and convenience to investors who want to make large purchases but don’t want to risk their capital on volatile markets. 

BNPL can also be used as a way of managing risk in portfolios that contain multiple stocks or bonds.



  • Up to 5x Leverage: You can buy up to five times more stocks as the purchased stock amount is up to four times more.

  • Effective Risk Management: The excess money allows you to buy various stocks to spread the risk and diversify your portfolio.

  • Helpful in case of shortage of funds:You can make bigger investments when you are low on funds and cannot buy high-value stocks.

  • Benefit From Corporate Actions: Dividends earned through the stock purchased via BNPL will be credited to your bank account. Therefore, if you have purchased 5x stock through BNPL, you will get 5x benefit through corporate actions.

In essence, it’s an equity loan that can help investors lock in their profits without having to sell their shares or make any additional investments. 

The BNPL method also allows investors to hold onto their investments longer without having to pay transaction costs, such as commissions.

How to Place BNPL Order :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLRYMEhM63g


Buy Now Pay Later


Basics of Stock Market


Investing and Trading in Stock Markets is no different from running your own business. If you are entering the markets with an aim to make money, you need to be able to understand how the stock market works. Therefore Basics of Stock Markets, BOSM.

BOSM course is designed to explain the very basic concepts of stock markets, with an aim to provide beginners in this market a flavour of how the system works before they make their first investment.

Stock market investing is similar to buying a house or car. You have a monthly payment, which includes insurance and taxes, as well as other expenses associated with owning your investment.

You should also consider how much time you will spend researching companies before making an investment decision. You may want to take some time to learn about different sectors of the market before diving into any investments. Stock research is important because it allows you to understand what makes each company tick and if they're worth buying.

It also goes on to cover the basics of technical analysis as well as Introduction to Futures & Options just to make you familiar with the vastness of the markets.

The course is best suited for beginners as well as those investing in the markets for 12 to 24 months or less. If you have incurred losses in the stock markets, this would definitely be a worthy small investment for you.


PMS & Advisory

Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services - TradingBells 

TradingBells is a reliable stock broker that offers portfolio management services designed to generate alpha and minimize risk. 

Our investment experts are seasoned professionals who uphold our core values of integrity, trust, and value. We strive to offer clear, robust, and effective investment solutions that help investors grow and safeguard their investments.


Investment Experts

Our investment experts are qualified and experienced professionals who are passionate about delivering results. 

We align our investment strategies with our clients' values and risk appetites. Our investment managers have access to market inefficiencies that are not available to retail investors, enabling us to deliver significant alpha compared to the index or regular mutual fund norms.



We believe in being transparent about our charges and annual management fee structure, which is relatively lower than the expense ratio on most equity mutual funds. 

Our clients can realize the full benefit of professional and ethical portfolio management without hidden costs.


Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on a hybrid, data-driven, and high-conviction strategy. 

We employ a top-down approach to identify select sectors with the best prospects, while simultaneously picking stocks within these sectors based on a bottom-up, fundamentals-based approach. We use a similar strategy for debt investments, leveraging the difference between the market value and intrinsic value of debt securities to generate optimal returns.



Our portfolio management services differentiate from our peers through our concentrated, high-conviction approach combined with active management. 

We deploy a unique data-driven approach to generate risk-adjusted returns over time. Our managers collaborate with clients to understand the variation of their finances and risk appetites and execute crucial investment decisions in a timely manner. 

Portfolios are shaped based on individual preferences in risk-taking, value creation, and ethical investing. 

Comprehensive details on portfolio performance, investment churn, tax liabilities, and net fees are always available.


PMS & Advisory

Mutual Funds & SIPs

Grow your capital systematically


Mutual funds are incredibly popular among investors. They can be bought and sold on exchanges, and they tend to pay high returns over time.

Here’s what you need to know about SIPs:

An SIP is an investment plan where you invest based on pre-set intervals. For example, you might put money into your SIP account once every month or quarter. Some companies will even allow you to set up auto-debit plans so that your money is taken out automatically once your chosen period has elapsed.

SIPs are good for those who want to keep their investments simple but still benefit from the equity markets without having to do anything other than sign up for automatic payments from their bank accounts!


Benefits of Investing in Mutual Funds via SIP

With an SIP, you have more control over your investments because the amount you invest will be determined by your choice. You can change your investment plan anytime you want.

Mutual Funds are a great way to diversify your portfolio as they provide feasibility by investing in multiple sectors of the market. For example, if you are interested in real estate or agriculture, there are mutual funds that will help you achieve this goal.

Mutual Funds offer growth potential because they invest on behalf of thousands of people across the globe who have pooled their money together to make investments on their behalf. This means that if one investor is selling shares, others will be buying them at a discount and thus increasing the price for all investors collectively.

At TradingBells you can invest in Mutual Funds directly or start a SIP for building a strong future financial base. 


Why Mutual Funds?

Professional managers are used by mutual funds to decide whether companies' securities should be purchased and sold. The managers of the mutual fund choose the investments for the combined funds.

There are many complex investment alternatives available. Fund managers must be aware of what is available, the risks and potential rewards, the cost of buying and selling investments, and industry laws and regulations. 

For the mutual fund to be beneficial for the investors, the managers must be able to choose investments with a high chance of success and sell those with a low chance of success.



The simplest way to achieve asset allocation and diversification without in-depth understanding of each asset class is through mutual funds. 

You can spread your risks by making investments in mutual funds that invest in many asset types, including gold, debt, and stock.


Convenient Administration

Investing in a mutual fund lessens paperwork and aids in your avoidance of many issues, including faulty deliveries, late payments, and pointless follow-up with brokers and businesses. With mutual funds, investment is quick, simple, and convenient.


Return Potential

As they invest in a diverse portfolio of carefully chosen securities, mutual funds have the potential to offer a better return over the medium to long term.


Low Cost

Given the costs involved, mutual funds are among the greatest investment choices. When compared to investing directly in the capital markets, they are more affordable because of the advantages of scale in terms of brokerage, regulatory, and other fees.



Except for equity linked savings schemes, which have a three-year lock-in term, you can withdraw your money from open-ended schemes at net asset value-related prices from the mutual fund itself. 

Close-ended schemes allow you to sell your units on a stock exchange at the going rate or take advantage of the direct buyback option that some close-ended and interval plans provide you from time to time at NAV-related rates.



Account statements provide you with regular updates on the value of your investment, and portfolio disclosures, which show the percentage invested in each asset class, provide disclosures on the investments made by your plan. The Scheme-related documents also specify the investment strategy and asset allocation for each scheme.



You can regularly invest or withdraw money in accordance with your demands thanks to features like regular investment plans, regular withdrawal plans, and dividend reinvestment plans.


Choices of schemes

You can find a mutual fund scheme that matches almost exactly what you are looking for from an investment. This could be related to both your risk tolerance and your investment horizon.


Well Regulated

All mutual funds are registered with SEBI, and they operate in accordance with the legal guidelines established to safeguard investors' interests. SEBI routinely keeps an eye on mutual fund operations.


Tax Benefits

A Mutual Fund is a fund which primarily collects money from the public and then invests the same in specified securities on behalf of its investors.

One of the most tax-efficient investing options available to Indian investors is mutual funds. An important thing to keep in mind while investing in mutual funds is that tax incidents only occur when units in a mutual fund scheme are sold.

Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) are the best option if you want to invest in mutual funds for tax advantages. ELSS funds are well known for their ability to save taxes. 

Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, you can currently take advantage of benefits on investments up to INR 1.5 lakh per year using ELSS. You can profit from both investment growth and tax savings by investing in ELSS. HDFC Bank will assist you in making investments, in particular tax-saving mutual funds made available by its chosen vendors, which will not only yield investment returns but also save you money on taxes.


Mutual Funds & SIPs

Issued in the interest of investors: Prevent Unauthorised transactions in your trading and Demat account. Update your mobile numbers/email IDs with Tradingbells. Receive alerts and information of all debit and other important transactions in your trading and Demat account directly from Exchange/Depository on your mobile/email at the end of the day. KYC is a onetime exercise while dealing in securities markets. Once KYC is done through a SEBI registered intermediary (broker, DP, Mutual Fund etc.), you need not undergo the same process again when you approach another intermediary.

No need to issue cheques by investors while subscribing to IPO. Just write the bank account number and sign in the application form to authorise your bank to make payment in case of allotment. No worries of refund as money remains in investor's account.

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