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Strategies to Reduce Risk in Investment Portfolio

The basic motive of achieving a financial goal is to realise how one can achieve the goals by taking minimum risks. 


To achieve growth financially with the bare minimum resources, one has to take a risk and invest in certain instruments having monetary risks.


Big or Small, any investment is subject to market risk. But always remember the thumb rule is to protect your proposition.


One cannot ignore the risk or try to predict it. To reduce it, one can be careful, have patience and be mindful of the latest changes in the mind.


Know Your Risk Tolerance


Risk sufferance is an ability to go through the risk of losing the capital invested. 


Typically risk sufferance is not totally but primarily depends on how old the investor is and his current financial commitment. 


For example, an investor in his 20s who is unmarried has fewer financial burdens than an investor who is in his late 50s, who is married and has responsibility for kids. Thus, a one-thumb rule, younger investors are more risk tolerant than those in their 50s.



Ensure Sufficient Liquidity in Your Portfolio


One might need to save investments when the market goes down, hence a greater risk to your investment portfolio. This risk can be lowered by maintaining enough liquidity. 


Including enough assets into your forte will allow your existing investments to give good long-term returns and ensure one benefits from regular market corrections.


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Focus on Time in the Market


As a trader, one should always be very cautious about the two most important factors: time and the power of suffering. This means that you should not drop out of the track. 


Instead, it would help if you kept on investing. So increase your time in the market instead of trying to make quick money by timing the market. Because by staying updated for the long term, any risk to your profile due to short-term changes will significantly be worse.


Prioritise your Financials


Just investing doesn't mean the job is finished. There is no sense if you have a high credit/ debt to pay at the end of the day. Hence it is important to keep on investing and keep an eye on the debts which are important such as outstanding loans etc. 


Having a Defensive Approach


One should keep the threshold of the investments instead of keeping an eye on the time every time. Always keep one thing in mind to keep on investing in avenues by withdrawing the money where one thinks to get a potential return. When a market crashes, don't panic and do the selling. Always have that defensive approach to reduce the risk of investment.


Think Twice Before Selling


Is your price high? Or is it the right price? With the right technical knowledge and the proper analysis of funds, one wouldn't have to worry about small investments or the correction that occurs in the market. 

When anyone is getting panicked or on the verge of trading, one should always focus on buying and not selling. Therefore, keep buying and not selling and take advantage of the cost.


Hire an Expert Investor


One of the best ways to reduce risk is to hire a professional investment advisor who can study your profile and risk tolerance and suggest good suggestions to invest your money. It is a safe option for beginners and experienced ones too. 




Yes, the market keeps changing, which involves risks and sometimes crashes. It is impossible to build an investment portfolio that maximizes returns, ensures Zero Risk, and concurrently satisfies your financial goals. However, these strategies mentioned above will assist you in finding the perfect blend of risk and return and ensure that your assets continue to increase over time. 


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