My account has been opened but I am unable to trade in F&O, what could be the problem?

We open your equity trading account as soon as the e-kyc process is completed and you can start trading in cash market. However, to start trading in derivatives, bank statement of last 6 months are required as per the SEBI guidelines. Please submit your last 6 months bank statements if you haven’t already.


If you have submitted all the mandatory documents and still you are unable to proceed, you can directly contact our customer support team here.

The agent who opened my account doesn’t work with TradingBells anymore, how will I get after sales support?

You can directly call our after sales support team here, they will be happy to assist you.

Funds Transfer

I have transferred money to my trading account, whyis it not reflecting on the software?

In case of any issues related to funds, it’s important to know which method you have used to transfer the funds. If you have made a transfer through our trading software or through the link on our website, the funds shall be visible immediately on your trading account. Note that you will only be able to use these options if your registered bank is from this list of banks. Otherwise you can transfer the funds to your trading account through NEFT or cheque.


If you have transfered the funds through NEFT (using Internet Banking or at the branch) or a Cheque, you would be required to send the reference number/scan copy of the transfer proof to funds@tradingbells.com or whatsapp us on +91-7440404400. Once we receive the required information, our back end team will update the status by end of that business day.

Is my bank eligible for immediate transfer through trading terminal or website?

TradingBells uses the payment gateway powered by ATOM, where most of the common and nationalized banks are listed and eligible for immediate funds transfer. You can find the complete list of ATOM registered banks here [hyperlink].

What shall I do if my bank is not registered with ATOM payment gateway?

If you have a saving account in any bank which is not registered with ATOM, you have two more options to transfer the funds in your trading account:


– You can add TradingBells’ account in your beneficiary list for NEFT/RTGS transfers. Once the beneficiary is confirmed, you can transfer the amount in respective account for equity or commodity.

– You can send the funds to TradingBells through a cheque as well.


If you are using any of the two methods for pay-in, we suggest you inform us immediately after paying and update us with the transaction id given by your bank so that we can track your money and update in your trading account. For the bank account details click here.

I have transferred money by Cash Deposit, Paytm, Airtel Money or any other payment gateway, but it is not reflecting on my trading account.

TradingBells does not support any fund transfer by cash or through any third-party payment gateway, except ATOM. If you have transferred the money through Paytm, Airtel or any other gateway, we won’t receive it and your refund will be automatically processed by your bank.

Are there any other options available for fund transfer apart from ATOM gateway, Internet Banking and Cheque?

Yes, if you are an ICICI bank customer, you can make the transfer through ICICI Bank ATMs as well.

How TradingBells ensures the safety of my money and fund transfers?

TradingBells and Swastika are SEBI registered companies and follow all the security measures and guidelines suggested by the board. According to the guidelines, we keep the trading fund of all our clients into a separate account and don’t use them for company’s business purpose.

Can I directly get payout in my savings a/c from trading a/c without initiating payout?

A. In order to get a payout from your TradingBells account, you would be required to contact us through any of the mediums here.


How to get my bills/contract notes?

Whenever the client makes a purchase or sale, a separate contract note is sent to their registered email id after the end of trading day. It’s suggested that you check your inbox for the contract note which is required.


If you are not able to find any specific bill, please contact our customer care team here.

I want to refer my friend/family member to open an account with TradingBells, how can I do that?

Visit the link, fill in the required information and submit the form. Our sales advisers will contact them immediately.

What do I get if my friend starts using TradingBells account?

If you refer 1-10 number of new accounts, you are entitled to get the 10% of total brokerage generated by the accounts mapped under your client id. If the total number of new accounts referred by you are between 11 and 25, TradingBells will give you flat 20% of the total brokerage generated by them.


In case you have opened more than 25 new accounts with TradingBells, you are offered a title of Bells Buddy along with a reward of Rs. 300 per account. You also start getting 50% of the total brokerage generated by your referrals.


For more details abouty TradingBells referal system, please refer the link or contact your sales agent.


How to change notification preferences on my e-mail?

TradingBells send two types of emails to their clients, transactional and promotional emails. The transactional emails are sent as per the SEBI guidelines and are mendatory to be sent with every transaction and can not be stopped.

If you are receiving promotional email and you want to stop us from sending them, you can click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link given on the bottom of every mail. Our back end team will receive your request and will stop them at the earliest.


What is the process to apply for an upcoming IPO?

We also facilitate client who wants to invest in IPO. To know more about the procedure of applying for an IPO, please follow the link here.

Technical and Software

I didn’t receive my log-in credentials, what should I do?

Once the KYC procedure is done, TradingBells sends a welcome e-mail with account log-in information. Please check if you have received any email from info@bellseye.com. If you still don’t find any mail in your inbox, please check your spam folder as well, sometimes our email may land in other folders.


If you are still unable to find your login credentials, please do contact our customer care team here.

I have received a lot of emails, how do I recognize the TradingBells’ log-in id and password?

Please refer to the emails from info@bellseye.comsent to your registered email ID. Your TradingBells Client ID would look like ‘TBXXXXX’ which will be mentioned on most of the emails you receive. Once you get the client ID, your password will be sent via SMS from “IM-SWASTI” and a separate email from “customer_support@swastika.co.in” within 24-48 hours.


If you do not receive the SMS or the email, please follow this link to get the password (use forgot password option to receive the password).

I am new to trading and I don’t know how to use the software.

Our trading software is designed and developed in such a way that a new trader and computer user can also use it with ease. To understand the working of our software, you can watch the training videos available here.


If you still face any issue after watching the video, our support team will be happy to assist you with a live demo. You can contact our customer care team here.

Why do I keep getting the message for password expiration every fortnight?

Rules for password expiry are set by the software expert team and are the same for everyone. They follow this procedure for your security purpose only.

I need to change my registered email-id/mobile phone. How can I get it changed?

For any changes in your trading/demat account, you need to fill the account modification form. You can download the modification form here. You will be required to print it, fill it and then send it to our office through a courier or post.

How to check the balance in my trading account?

A. There are various ways to check the balance in your trading account. Firstly, you can check the current balance through the trading software provided by Swastika, by clicking on the “R” symbol on top right corner of terminal. You can also click on Menu and look for Funds option in the list.

Client can also login to their respective back office terminals and check their overall transactions and account balance on the home page itself. If there are any error or confusion about the balance, please contact customer care team here.

How do I transfer all the shares from my old demat a/c to TradingBells demat a/c?

In order to transfer your shares from the old broker’s account to new TradingBells account, you would require to contact your previous broker and ask them for a DIS slip. You can fill the DIS slip, submit it to the broker and your shares will be transfered to new TradingBells account by end of the same business day.


In case you face any issues through out the process, you can anytime contact our support team here.

What to do if the shares which I purchased are not visible in my demat account?

Settlement process of the delivery trades is completed in T+2 business days, so we advise you to wait for couple of days. Once the settlement process is finished, you can click on ‘Stock View’ option given on your trading terminal and you’ll get the details of all the stocks in your portfolio.


In rare case, if the shares you bought are not visible at their dedicated place immediately contact our customer care team here.